This juice will have you stepping to the beet ...

I love love love my food. I love eating, cooking, sharing recipes, talking about food, creating new recipes, food for fun, nutrition, community, I love it all! Sometimes I just need a break, though. Give my body a little breather from all the eating & digesting it does for me all day everyday. That's when I buy the freshest organic fruit and veggies from my favorite grocer (Ground Grocer @ Currumbin) and throw everything into my cold press juicer and just drink my food for a few days!


Makes 3 litres

2kg Carrots

1kg Green Apples

1 kg Red Apples

2 kg Beetroot

1.5 kg Lemon

The only thing I peel are the lemons and I trim the tops off my beetroots. Everything else goes in skin and all. Chopped into the appropriate sized pieces to fit in your juicer. Drink up!!

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