roll with it

These wraps are simple as can be and I was surprised to get a "They were awesome" from the two 9 year old girls we had raising the roof this weekend!

Avocado Salad roll-ups

(makes enough for 2 kids or 1 hungry adult)

1 Lebanese wholemeal pocket bread

1 ripe avocado

4 oak lettuce leaves

1 Lebanese cucumber

10 cherry tomatoes

1 carrot grated

Spread the avocado first and season well with salt & pepper. Arrange the leaves, then the carrot & cucumber. Season the cherry tomatoes and then roll up. Add what ever good crunchy fresh stuff you have. Capsicum, grated beetroot, snow-pea shoots. Try spreading peanut satay sauce on the bottom or hummus & add tofu or chickpeas. Yummmmmmmm! There is a summer of salads, rolls, wraps and all good fresh, raw, crunchy stuff ahead!!!

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