A study in greens 🌱

I went to a workshop last night and was reminded, revitalized and re-inspired. Adam Guthrie hosted an event informing and encouraging people to look at the benefits of choosing a wholefood plant based lifestyle. It was great and of course the food was delicious! It really affirmed my reasons for choosing to live this way and I woke up with a hankering for more green in my life!!

This smoothie is next level delicious, nutritious & satisfying. Chuck it all in the blender and blitz ... enjoy!

Green Power Smoothie

1.5 cups Frozen Pineapple

2 small Frozen Bananas

1/2 lime. Zested and juiced

1 tbsp Hemp seeds

1 tsp Chia seeds

1 cup Coconut milk

Blend until silky

& enjoy

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