I am nourished

Beetroot & sweet potato bombs with walnut crust, basil cream and a nourish bowl filled with quinoa, kale, chickpeas and sprouts (16.5)


I am dazzling

Vegan Ceasar salad with smokey sweet potato, shitake bacon, kale, avocado, tamari seeds & beetroot croutons dressed up with a dazzling lemon and mustard cashew mayonaisse (16.5)


I am grounded

Rice noodle stirfry with orange & miso glazed tofu and brussell sprouts, snowpeas, tamari almond crunch (16.5)


I am colourful

Tex mex bowl with chilli jackfruit and blackbeans, sweet corn pico de gallo, guacamole and cauliflower pilaf 'rice' (16.5)

Side Options

I am comforted

Slow roasted pumpkin and leek soup with pesto swirl and beetroot croutons (15.0)


I am diverse

Chopped salad with any variation of seasonal vegetables, carrot, sprouts, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onions with a white wine vinegar and orange dressing (12.0)


I am sunny

Coconut, tumeric and lemon slice with almond crust 6 pcs (12.0)