Hi, I am Vegan Megan I am a passionate chef of 30 years (and still loving it!)  I have had experiences in several countries and genres of cooking from Michelin star/Five Star Hotels to my mums fish & chip shop when I was younger.  I have been a chocolatier, the Governor Generals Chef & so much more!! 

I am absolutely lit up by all things food, growing some in my little garden, cooking, eating & nutrition.  Food and cooking are the ultimate act of self love that overflows to all we share it with.  We are literally made of what we eat, so it’s kind of a BIG DEAL!

In my current incarnation as a chef and human, I am passionate about eating & cooking clean, whole, organic, plantbased foods.  I am interested in sustainability, regenerative agriculture & try to be as plastic  and waste free as possible.

vegan megan

The Chef

It is truly an exciting time to be alive, especially as someone who loves real food.  I am seeing so many beautiful humans working towards a change and shift from highly processed food products to eating simple whole foods grown in a sustainable chemical-free way, with a focus on soil health.  It is my calling to share beautiful vegetables with you and inspire you to eat more nutrient rich, lovingly prepared food that your body understands and will repay you with light perform best with.

I do my best to integrate a holistic approach to Wholefood, a Whole heart & a Wholelife.

I would love you to join me for a workshop. Try my products or order freshly made meals weekly tweaked for your requirements. 

Lets explore the Delicious, nutritious art of cooking plants together.


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